Home Slice are very VERY lucky to be involved in a wonderful group of creatives called 'Design Club'. Its not a particularly official club, we don't have a website or badges and to be a member you sort of just have to be making things, be quite a nice person and know one of us. Every month or so we get together to talk about what we are up to and to share information, advice and experience where we can. Its great to be part of this shared pool of knowledge where its OK to ask questions such as 'Who makes that for you' and actually revive an answer rather than a look that suggests they might want to murder you in your sleep for asking such a thing.

This week we went bowling, drank cocktails and chatted about the 5:2 diet whilst stuffing our faces with hotdogs. It was a very constructive evening.

Midget VS Giant- game on!
Shimmery marbley bowling balls.
High point in the game where we stopped getting gutter balls and actually got some strikes!
Christmas bowling time
During dinner the secret Santa gifts came out where everyone brought somthing from their range, wrapped it up and put it in the Santa sack/bin liner. Look what Steph puller out the bag!
It was a London Skyline mug from the very talented Cecily Vassey
I went for the small/ jewellery sized box (obvs) and was lucky enough to get this beautiful wooden fox brooch from Anna Wiscombe

 Twas a wonderful eve! More post to follow about all the Design Club members as they are a talented lot!

As so the festive party season begins..........roll on red wine mouth!