Half of Home Slice was in South-end-on-Sea last weekend for a bit of rest bite from the city.  With us being of northern origin there are a lot of seaside towns of the south that we have not yet explored. Each one seems to get better and South-End is a true classic.  Here are a few snaps of the trip.
 Pinwheels on every stall whizzing like mad in the sea breeze. We played a spot of crazy golf, Aztec themed crazy golf no less.

 South end has the longest pier in the world- fact. It is so long there is a train that takes you to the end and back. We chose to walk (to counter act our chippy lunch) and according to the pedometer on my iPhone it was 2.5KM long! This is the view back towards the beach.
Then it was then on to the penny arcades - you might have seen this  pic on our Instagram but seriously, what a carpet!
LOVE Richard Scarry and his speedy worm. I wanted a ride but i couldn't fit in it.

I would have taken more but I was too busy stuffing dinky donuts in my face and marveling at the prison tats, it was a great day and only £19.50 for a return ticket for two from Liverpool street.  A perfect summer Saturday, you should go!