Design Week Outings - SCP Special Relationship

London Design Festival is in full swing. With our diary pages scribbled all over and walking shoes on, we're ready to enjoy the fruits of great designers labour.

Last night saw the launch of SCP's store redesign, a more considered showcase layout for products and classy designers department store feel (complete with now obligatory cafe,) it was a pleasure wandering around with a beer and tasty daal in hand looking at these ace home wares...

 Love a play on words! West or East coaster? These from Reed Wilson made us and we love them- even to the point where we were arguing about which 'coaster' were you; east coaster or west coaster!? But yes- very nice, from Reed Wilson.

 You know we love our Salt and Pepper (so much we made a tea towel about it) and these cylindrical copper and brass salt and pepper pots were really charming and pleasingly heavy to hold. From Ladies and Gentlemen.
Andy and Steph enjoying the tubular dinner bells from Pat Kim- we'd like the sound of these ringing when grubs up.

Cheers SCP! More from LDF to come.