Inspiration behind the idea : Chippy range!

Its no big secret where the inspiration for our first ever ceramic range came from- the local Chippy. But not just the chippy- the signage. Chip Shop signage has always been something that amused us here at Home Slice. There is something about a fish, suggestively lounging on a bed of chips, grinning or pouting, despite the fact its about to be eaten, that’s always made us laugh, laugh a lot.

Here are some of our favorite snaps that started us on this fishy journey ....

Needless to say the research for this range was a lot of fun, we found a certain pattern in that the closer to any remote, coastal town you got the more weird and more surreal the signage became.  Although, saying that there are also some beauties in London that really got us chuckling.

Steph then worked her magic to produce some AMAZING illustrations based around everything we'd collected. Here is a peek at some of her never before seen original illustrations.

Once we had gathered all our imagery we set about picking out what we liked and didn’t like from these images till we made our final selection of five make up the Home Slice Chippy Range. We then began the process of tweaking, changing and perfecting these fishy guys till they were just right!

And so our Chippy range has born. Long live the chippy tea.

You can buy the plates and mugs in our online shop.

Get em' while they're hot (sorry)!