Come and have a nosey around!

If you're like us you'll love nothing more than having a peek in to other peoples homes and studios, so we thought we'd give you a good old nosy around our work spaces so you can see where the Home Slice magic happens!

Home Slice is currently split between two homes at the moment, Stephs desk in the Heartspace at the amazing Hackney Downs Studios and the little office on the back of Ellie's boat moored on the Thames at the Tower Bridge Moorings! Two very different spaces each with their own quirks and benefits, for example, Steph can not stand full height in the boat office unless she puts her head out the skylight, but it has a great view! And the Hackney downs studios is rammed full of creative people producing wonderful things, not to mention a particularly good bar on sight.
When working on Home Slice we live at our desks so we try to keep them interesting with bits and bobs we pick up and like the look off. Be that an illustration we like, pages of magazines or a can of Spam!
Co-op mug and pen pots.
Good books, pick a mix bags, gnomes, veg crates and cricket balls.
Room with a view? Steph's studio space with view of others working away. Ellies boat with views of...more boats.

 We like to keep our ideas close by and in our faces so at both our desks they're stuck up all over the place.
Steph's illustrations grace many a wall in both spaces as they're just too nice to file away in a draw!
So that's where we work, thanks for visiting!