Inspiration behind the idea : Seaside Souvenir cushions.

We would like to take you on a trip in to our brains to try to show you where our ideas for ranges come from. We like to think of it as explaining how we conceived the children of our brains- our brainchild.

First up is our  Seaside Souvenir cushions!

Memories of holidays when we were kids was the starting point for these, the seaside towns that we get all sentimental about (everyone has one!). Also the slightly dingy, scruffy, trashy yet so loveable side of these places (think Blackpool hen dos and the weird man who does the donkey rides- he's always a bit weird, we love him). These few images might explain this better........enjoy.
Swing Chairs- Beautiful yet terrifying.
Absolutely the unrivaled although not sure about taking a trip for 'health' but defiantly pleasure!
Raspberry please, for the classic blue-tongue child look
Although we won't sadly because it's closed down. Real shame.
Thieving, shitting vultures- but we wouldn't have the seaside without them!
You'll never win, no one ever wins, but lets spend a fiver trying anyway.

And here they are, these beauties are now available to buy on our online shop- get while the suns hot!


We must admit it was tough to pick only three towns!

Let us know your favorites in the comments box and you never know- they might make an appearance one day soon.....